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Better Sleeping Patch
Better Sleeping Patch
Item price: NZD $29.95 NZD $25.00
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Better Sleeping Patch NZD $29.95

The New Generation of Better Sleep Patch has improved its efficacy greatly to be more effective with added natural minerals in the patch to facilitate the absorption .

This New Generation Patch is still based on over 5000 years of herbal veins therapy. The Back of the foot is regarded as an important area by Chinese traditional herbalist doctors with 66 functional points and 6 channels, in which, Yong-Quan point is the key point to support the bodies natural ability to regulate the function of kidney it also plays important roles in preserving one's health.

Simply place two pieces Better Sleep Patches on Yong-Quan points which are on the base of the feet, and then the active ingredients will stimulate the points to support the bodies natural ability to regulate blood circulation and support the function of the kidney. On the feet, there are plenty of twig nerves and capillary vessels which have a very close relationship with each body system, tissue and organ.

The new generation Better Sleep Patch is extracted from 100% natural herbs and is well tolerated. The external application is better tolerated than oral administration. The new generation Better Sleep Patch  has enhanced efficacy to help relaxation and a restful nights sleep.

The patch is suitable for the low-quality of sleep caused by the following: tiredness, stress from work and life, unsteady mood, bad sleep habits, and bedroom environments 

Ingredients: Fructus Evodiae, cortex cinnamomi

Size: 1.7g¡À0.2g/patch£¬28 Patches / Box.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 23 October, 2007.
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